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Hey there! I'm Brenda, a lovable,friendly girl who likes to dress up, hold interesting discussions, eat, dance and be happy. On the path to loving my body to the max, come join me!
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Zeena Kay is a beast with high waist skirts!’ She can make them in literally 45 minutes!! This one was fresh off the runway 😊😊 @znakcanada #everydayafricanfashion #allthingsfiery #fashion #style #instastyle #bgki

Thank you @kuwalainc for this gorgeous tote!! 😍😍😊😊 Already carrying it around today! Hehe Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!! Xoxo 🍸🍹🍕

Thank you @kuwala for this gorgeous tote!! Already carrying it around today. 😍😍😊😊Happy Sunday and enjoy your long weekend everyone!! #ankara #fashion #love #everydayafricanfashion

This hat and I go together… #ootd #fashion #style @choiescloth

Blogging is not nearly as glamorous as you may think and We’re talking about behind-the-scenes of blogging today. From the “where on earth did my neck and assets go” photos to the failed twirling pics ( yes it takes about 40 shots to get the perfect twirling shot, as mentioned by @officialktr to handbag and shoe changes as mentioned by @fisayolonge of mirror me and of course the jean-tugging shots. No, most of us do not wear 5 inch heels everyday and we certainly don’t go grocery shopping looking like Keri Hilson, lol. Did you also know that some of us have car wardrobe changes?! I see you @jadore-fashion!! Lol If you’re a blogger, what are some of your behind the scenes confessions?? #bloopers #bloggers #behind the scenes #lol #allthingsfiery

She looks so high fashion!!! 🐝🐝🐝

It ways takes me some getting used to when I put a weave in… Mixed feelings so far…

Oh, there’s a new post on the blog by the way! Find out were to get the structured contrasting skirt on sale!!!
#fashion #style #ootd #allthingsfiery #instastyle

Isn’t it amazing! These 3 ladies went to school together, hustled for acting jobs together and now they’re all on Emmy-nominated shows and worked the red carpet together! Dreams come true people! Dream big, as big as you want! Hustle hard, pray, stay healthy and hustle and pray some more. 6 years ago these ladies were “nobodies”. Now they’re on Mad men and Orange is the new black! There is God but you have to work hard. Really hard. I just found this picture inspirational.

The ladies of “Orange is the new black” definitely know how to clean up!! #oitnb #emmyawards2014 #redcarpet #fashion

@csiriano can take a bow for being responsible for these 3 amazing dresses!!! Wow!! I tell you people, add some color to your wardrobe! Lol ok I’m out! 😴😴😴 #emmyawards2014

OMG!! Teyonah Parris!!! This is soo meeee! The black girls brought it on the red carpet with the color!!! 😍😍😍😛😛😛😛💛💛💛💛💛


In case you hadn’t checked out the latest post…. Direct link to purchase the skirt (on sale right now) as well!! #allthingsfiery #ootd #fashion #instastyle

I dare you to say “polka dots” and keep an angry face, lol. Blog post coming tonight with direct link to this skirt c/o @choiescloth