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Hey there! I'm Brenda, a lovable,friendly girl who likes to dress up, hold interesting discussions, eat, dance and be happy. On the path to loving my body to the max, come join me!
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Simplicity cuts it sometimes! @hm tee and hat, @topshop jeans. #blackandwhite #fashion #style #whatiwore

Try adding a hat to your Fall wardrobe. Some lovely ones at @hm right now! #fashiontip #ootd #style

Looks like this J.Crew top was a hot this summer with everyone from bloggers to celebrities rocking it in different ways. @krystinlee, @jadorefashion and @juneambrose also wore this top. The print is just delicious!!! #fashion #jcrew #spotted

We thank God for J.Crew sales that permit laymen like me to store a few pieces!! Hehe. 😄😄😎😎#jcrew #fashion #style #whatiwore

Next video coming soon, I promise!! My camera split the original into 4 for some reason and I wasn’t a fan of the lighting so re-did the entire video!! 😥😥 Oh well. I loved your questions and hope I wasn’t too harsh, lol. P.S. The YouTube page is Brenda Chuinkam. Xoxo

@topshop jeans have been good to me in recent days. Sure I have to get the size right before their biggest size but they for right!! #fashion #topshop #topshopjeans #love

Some gorgeous pieces from @tehilahdesigns Fall 2014 collection!! #inlove!!!! #fashion #gowns #dresses

Now up on the blog, @hm florals and @Zara heels for a visit to the not so haunted Whitehern castle… #fashion #ootd #style

Latest target collaboration pieces revealed! Altuzarra for Target. Here are my favorite pieces! Most items are below $40. The Collection goes on sale September 14. #altuzarrafortarget #target #fashion

What there’s 4 of us??!! Lol #fashion #style #whatiwore #instastyle #allthingsfiery #bgki

I don’t know who keeps sending me to take pictures with 6ft tall women but I try to hold my own, lol. I was standing on my tippy toes and Everline still towered over me! This gorgeous Kenyan beauty won the award for best international female model at the African Fashion industry awards! Can you believe she was once made to believe she was ugly as a freak of nature??! This world I tell you, smh. #afwt2014 #africans #love #model #toronto

Super excited for @tehilahdesigns fashion show happening on Sunday!! She a the designer behind last year’s birthday dress as well as all my Iro and Buba pieces!! Can’t wait to see what else she’ll be presenting!!

OoooOOOOooohhhh!!! I’m so excited! The Dashiki dress I had featured on my blog as well from @shopzuvaa got featured on @fashionbombdaily as their product of the day as well!! So proud of my Zuvaa team!!! Good job ladies! Unfortunately all the traffic has caused our site to crash, lol!!! #ankarawin #shopzuvaa #happy #africans #dashiki

I’m grateful for life and the lived ones in my life. Some people are out there fighting very terrible demons while I have been another chance to dance the dance of life. #riprobinwilliams

Nana of @designofadiaspora looking fierce with that hat on!!! She’ll be adding these types of hats to her line in different shapes and sizes and I can’t wait to get one!! @therealstaceymckenzie is already a fan! @shopzuvaa, get ready for the site traffic to increase tremendously! Lol #afwt2014 #ankara #fashion #toronto #zuvaa